We supply professional transloading service for both inbound and outbound shipments in Los Angeles and Long Beach ports. With our experienced management and crew team, with our best ideal location, we mainly supply three types of service as follows. ​

Overweight Container Handling

Our facility is located in the overweight corrditor where close to 9th street and between Canal Ave and Santa Fe Ave in Long Beach. It allows us to handle heavey containers with cargo weight up to 26 metric tons. Our facility has mutiple gates and is friendly for trucks and trailers in&out. We have 14 doors wide range loading deck which allows us to work on containers fast.

Hay and Forage

We are professional on transloading hay up to 26 metric tons per containers for exporting overseas. We are experienced on hay quality check, sampling per request, basic items testing, related documentations.  We match all USDA requirements and have the registration number for transloading alfalfa sleeve bales to China market. Plus we can load all containers with hay bales up to 26 metric tons each.



Trucking, Drayage and
Yard Storage

We have our own tri-axle chassis and contract with trucking company and foucs on heavy weight containers trcukcing and drayage. Our facility has good yard space and two yard goats which allows to put more than 120 containers same time in our yard. Our facility are so close to Los Angeles and Long Beach ports which is the ideal place for long or short term equipment storage. You are welcome to call us and discuss

about your equipment storage demand.